About us

Who are we? What do we do? How do we do it? Why do we it? And who do we do it for?

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide reliable, trusted, fast visa and travel services at all times. Our services are delivered by knowledgeable, experienced and well-trained staff who ensure accuracy, clarity, simplicity and quality services that exceed our customers' expectations every time they visit us. Our “Core Values” go hand-in-hand with our mission.

Our Vision

Your way across borders starts here, that is our vision.
“Our dream is to see travellers, who require a visa to travel for any reason and to any destination, with zero worries as if the world is borderless because VISATCOM exists”.
VISATCOM Co-Founders

Our Team

We are happy to serve. We do our best to make this platform a plare knowledge. Our target is to assist travellers to obtain their visa by eliminating the struggle associated with visa applications. Our aim is to provide premium services for our VIP's (our customers) at reasonable prices. VISATCOM does not charge express fees for express services.


The combination of the following five factors makes VISATCOM services unique. We called this combination VISATCOM cares

Convenience | Simplicity | Price | Quality I Trust


Relax and we will do the following: 

  • Pickup your documents (if required) - from Bern inclusive 
  • Pre-approval of the required documents.
  • Provide the missing documents and fill in the gaps- (for all countries) 
  • Process and edit photo(s) for all visa applications  (for all countries)
  • Submit applications on your behalf at the consulate - all consulates/embassies in Bern.
  • Collect your newly issued visa from consulate and send it back to your address by (post, courier, VISATCOM weekend delivery)
  • Our goal is to bring convenience in every services we provide. 



We simplify the processes for our customers. With too much red tape, applicants get overwhelmed with information and instructions. We are happy to explain and show our customers the exact missing links and the right way to meet the travel requirements. We do that by focusing on the the necessary requirements, the simplest and the most efficient ways to gather all required documents.


No hidden prices, everything is clear and to the point. Our aim here is to bring customers value.

For more information, please see offers and packages.


We want to exceed your expectation every time you request a service from us. We care about our image! We love getting positive feedback. We do the utmost to deliver a 5-Stars quality service.


Every single day, at 07:00 in the morning, 1 hour before the clock reaches 08:00 a.m., when we start receiving phone calls from our customers, we begin with rehearsing our mission, vision and values. Here is why they are important …

- VISATCOM Founders

Core Values  S. W. I. S. S. C. H. A. S. E.

Sustainable development
WoW service
Interconnected & International
S.M.A.R.T. and S.W.O.T. practitioners
Solidarity for Success and Satisfaction
Change is welcomed!
Humble and Honest professionals
Adventurous ideas & practices
Sense of Humor
Energetic and Encouraging Environment
Days per Week
Consular Services
Customers Served

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