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CHF 15 per visa application
  • Free Consultation
  • Provide all visa requirements (including templates, samples)
  • Photo processing (editing only)

Visa Services

Special Price for Members per service
  • Pre-approving visa documents online
  • Visa requirements submission (handling of visa application)
  • Organizing business invitaton letter
  • Organizing tourist invitaton letter
  • Completing visa appplication form
  • Processing photo
  • Organizing insurance letter
  • Collection of documents from your address
  • Special research

Delivery Services

from CHF 10 per delivery
  • VISATCOM courier over the weekend
  • Consulate Collection Service (weekdays)
  • Collection of documents from your address
  • Delivery of documents to your address - Swiss Post Registered mail
  • Delivery of documents to your address - Swiss Post Moon express
  • Delivery of documents to your address - Velo courier

Special Services

We are at your door steps!
  • A-Z service (without business invitation letter)
  • B2C on weekdays (with or without invitation)
  • B2C in weekends (with or without invitation)

What our customers are saying...

“First I was doubtful about VISATCOM, a new company. It is not only that I am satisfied; I got an express service and it is for the first time in my life that I pay no extra charges. In Switzerland, no express charges, unbelievable. I got my visa on the same day in afternoon”

MD, Executive Manager

“It was almost impossible to get my application processed and accepted on time to travel to Saudi Arabia. I received my visa in 2 working days. Very special, VIP service with reasonable charges”

— TM, Project Manager, Jubail Industrial Area

“I worked with many visa service agencies. Recently, we faced very serious problems with our visa applications. VISATCOM took care of the mistakes of others, process the visa and gave us a Christmas discount. Beautiful, because with over 500 applications per year, I am now ready to use this reliable service. I do not have to pay for the others' mistakes again :)”

— JE, Travel Department, Switzerland

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